Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wolters Kluwer - Federal Tax Weekly

Federal Tax Weekly

  • Regs Require Corporate Partner To Recognize Gain On Deemed Exchange Of Stock For Appreciated Property 
  • Regs Would Implement Code Sec. 732(f) To Prevent Tax Avoidance By Corporate Members Of Partnership 
  • Consolidated Return Regs Tackle Circular Basis Problem And Member Loss Allocations 
  • IRS Launches Joint Effort To Combat Identity Theft Refund Fraud 
  • Agencies Issue Final Regs On PPACA’s Summary Of Benefits And Coverage 
  • IRS Updates Procedures For Pre-Approved Plans 
  • Some Form 8966 Filers Eligible For Extension/Waiver Of Electronic Filing 
  • Eighth Circuit Affirms Payment Of Wages From IRA-Owned LLC Was Prohibited Transaction 
  • IRS Issues Final Regs On Estate Tax Portability Election 
  • IRS Reminds Taxpayers Of FBAR/FATCA Obligations 
  • Tax Briefs 
  • Eleventh Circuit Rejects Res Judicata, Upholds IRS Claims Against Estate 
  • IRS Updates Oklahoma Disaster Relief 
  • Practitioners’ Corner: Can Summer Camp Costs Qualify For A Tax Credit? 
  • Washington Report 
  • Compliance Calendar

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